Plan Every Step that Puts Tech teams Ahead

have a Clear vision of Marketing processes

Powerful Backbone for Marketing decisions

Clarity and Big-Picture View

A marketing strategy is a detailed action plan that outlines all tactics teams use to promote products or services. Without a structured list of actions and objectives, it’s easy to stray from the path of growth and lead acquisition. 

When done right, marketing strategies are game-changers. They inform all decisions a team makes, and help connect individual activities into a larger scheme of goals. 

Get Over Challenges

At Chanto, we include a thorough analysis of market threats and risks in the marketing strategy. That’s why challenges don’t catch our clients by surprise – they have a ready-to-deploy contingency plan. 

Our team uses predictive analytics tools and data analysis techniques to make forecasts and identify trends. We believe that being one step ahead is vital for tech teams – this way you seize growth opportunities and predict challenges faster than anybody else. 

Full-cycle Marketing Strategy

Research. Planning. Implementation.

A detailed market research and competitor analysis, a solid understanding of target audiences, and a defined range of techniques to use for reaching marketing goals are a powerful weapon. 

However, marketing strategy is only as good as is the team bringing it to life. To make sure you make the most out of he data at hand, marketers at Chanto take full ressponsibility for implementation and delivering results. 

Researching the market, competitors, and target audiences
Setting goals, identifying risks and threats
Creating a step-by-step action plan and connecting it to a timeline
Implementation and efficiency monitoring

Keeping it real!

Realistic Marketing Strategies

Similarly as tech teams often struggle when estimating product roll out timeline or project budgets, so do marketing teams have unrealistic expectations. 

We know how frustrating expecting too much too soon and never seeing these expectations through is! That’s why our team focuses on keeping marketing strategies realistic. Chanto marketers use historical data to set achievable goals and timelines and plan for worst-case scenarios. That’s why, regardless of economic fluctuations, your marketing strategy will stay relevant. 

Personalized Approach to Strategizing

Custom Marketing Strategy For Tech Teams

Tech is unlike other fields due to its high change rate and specialization Our experience in building strategies for IT businesses proved that all teams are different – thus, a tailor-made strategy is the best way to fuel growth. 

Our team does a lot of niche research and deeply examines the company’s processes and offers. Then we build a unique and flexible marketing strategy for each project.

Precision and Proof

We approach strategizing with a mind of scientists, seeking rigorous proof and relying on data to back up our hunches. 

Actionable State of Mind

A growth-oriented marketing strategy calls for commitment and readiness to solve problems on he behalf of the marketing teams. Here’s how we meet the mark. 

What is the point?

what Comes out of Good Marketing Strategies


Good strategy is knowledge. It introduces business owners to target audiences, to competitors, and helps team leaders fit and dominate their markets.

Unity and alignment

A good marketing strategy puts the effort of sales, marketing, and tech teams together to create high-quality products or provide excellent services.


A robust marketing strategy, rich in data and backed by realistic estimate is a powerful reference point to track the efficiency of marketing activities over time.

Plan a Road to Tech Dominance

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