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Reach Your Audiences

Over 4 billion Internet users rely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other tools to reach prospective customers. 

Tech business owners can leverage the power of social media to build strong user communities and attract prospective clients. Aside from traditional platforms, we help team leaders acquire leads on Reddit, Quora and build communities on Slack and Telegram. 

Run Granular Ads

It’s not easy to reach B2B tech audiences via social media advertising since their needs are specific and selection criteria are granular.

That is why our team uses a wide range of strategies for running ads. We  build retargeting campaigns, create lookalike audiences and test different ad formats to reach both tech-savvy CTOs and business owners with no working experience in technology. 

Specific platforms for tech communities

where we meet Audiences

Chanto marketers do not underestimate the impact of traditional social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. However, we discovered that tech communities have a unique toolset for building communities. That’s why we took our time to develop marketing strategies for Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Telegram, and Slack. Make niche platforms a strong point of your social media marketing strategy!


Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Data-Driven Social Media Marketing

At Chanto, we prioritize efficiency and try to eliminate redundancies. That’s why we want to make sure there’s no guesswork in our clients’ social media strategy. 

We give team leaders confidence that they are on the right track by using research and automation tools to fuel social media marketing progress. Our toolset includes BuzzSumo, Buffer, Mention and other tools that provide data that validate creation ideas, automate post publishing, and track brand mentions. 

Bespoke Marketing Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

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how we help Tech teams conquer Social Media

Open-mindedness and watching the latest social media trends helps marketers at Chanto implement innovative marketing practices.  

What We Bring to The Table

Passion for technology, thoroughness in planning, and transparency in reporting makes the marketers at Chanto different from generalist teams.

How we put tech teams on the map

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Insightful content

Sharing in-depth posts on the company's corporate pages on social media platforms

Undercover marketing

We use the traction of popular tech communities on Reddit, Slack, Discord, and other platforms to spread the word about our clients.

Optimized ad campaigns

We set ad campaigns with clear goals and optimized settings to make sure budgets don't go down the drain.

Drive Traffic for Your Tech Team From Social media

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