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Reach your customers

Outsourcing providers communicate directly with business owners and CTOs. These are experienced and highly educated people who hold the decision power in performing businesses. Reaching out to these target audience requires confidence, experience, and the right methods

Chanto’s marketing managers and copywriters are highly specialized. They promoted IT outsourcing companies for more than 5 years. In that time, they learned the process of nurturing off-shore development leads, sales funnel journey and onboarding. Our team uses content marketing, SEO, community management, SMM to introduce you to customers and onboard them. 

Use marketing to grow your service quality

By reaching the right clients, you can expand into new niches, and avoid choosing between the bread-and-butter versus actually stimulating challenges. Promote your new services and showcase your expertise with guides, whitepapers, and case studies. 

Our copywriters and marketing managers worked with 30+ software outsourcing. For every one, we come up with a unique positioning, competitive advantages, and sales funnels.  

Company Strengths at a glance

Communicate Better

When we promote a software outsorucing companies, we focus on both external and internal communication. The first one gives you visibility – texts and valuable assets will help your clients reach you via Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Discord. The second one will help you onboard new clients – we’ll get you set up with case studies, playbooks, commercial offers. 

Content marketing
Onboarding materials
Crowd marketing

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Showcase your expertise

After years of working with software outsourcing companies, our team learned what clients are looking for. So, Chanto knows how to target different customers. 

  • For business owners: we’ll showcase economic and social benefits of your off-shore services. The key emphasis is on expertise, reliability, and cost-efficiency.
  • For CTOs: a tech-savvy audience is looking for unique tech insights, efficient engineering solutions, and optimized collaboration. With content marketing and crowd marketing, you’ll your approach to outsourcing. 
  • For first-time founders: startup owners a team that can guide and offer practical experience. With white papers, ebooks, case studies, your team can showcase this knowledge to clients. 

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Get a data-driven estimate

Chanto provides clients with an action plan for digital marketing, SEO, SMM, advertising, PR. If you don’t have a marketing department, we can manage all marketing operations on outsource. You’ll pay for results. 

Get a full team

Marketers, copywriters, SEO specialists, PPC experts, and others are at your disposal

Plan for the future

We like to be fully responsible for the result. Our team can deliver clear KPIs in all promised marketing vectors – otherwise, we’ll return your payment. 

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Content Marketing

Demonstrate your expertise with a resource library, ebooks, white papers, guest posts


We perofrm link building for our content. The goal is always to meet our SERP KPIs.

Specialized resoucres

The marketing team manages your profiles on Clutch, Good Firms, TechReviewer, and other platforms.

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