Building Agile SEO strategies for Tech Teams

SEO is the Key to Growing Tech Teams

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SEO Drives Growth in Tech

Tech is one of the most promising fields for acquiring leads through SEO. There are no other industries with so many people using search engines to make buying decisions. 

At Chanto, we help tech teams keep track of ever-changing search engine algorithms and make the most of these updates. Our team optimizes on-site content, conducts a thorough keywords research and runs in-depth performance optimization sessions to make sure crawlers index pages effortlessly and rank them high. 

With the Bigger Picture in Mind

There are a lot of SEO strategies tech teams try to outrank competitors. It’s easy to start wondering whether these efforts lead your tech team to growth. 

We know that SEO is a long-haul game – however, be believe that business owners should always know where they stand and where they are going. That’s why we create a step-by-step strategy and set milestones company managers can track from Day 1. 

Doing SEO Properly

Building SEO Infrastructures

Our team sees  SEO as more than a range of content-related or link-building practices. In our experience, search engine optimization starts with a strong tech backbone – a secure website, fast pages, and crawler-friendly sitemaps that speed up indexing. Briefly speaking, we see SEO as an infrastructure – a set of moving parts that, put together, produce healthy, easy-to-use websites. 

Performance optimization
Security and technical SEO
Content SEO
Data-driven decision-making

SEO Made Simple

SEO: The Transparent Way

To measure the effectiveness of  SEO strategies, our marketers define KPIs and align expectations at the planning stage. 

We rely on data visualization tools and data analysis techniques to research the market, discover the weak spots of the company’s main competitors, and build affordable and traffic-generating SEO strategies. Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Google Analytics are the tools we use on this rewarding journey. 

Unique approach to Tech SEO

tech-savvy Optimization For IT

When it comes to SEO for product companies and IT service providers, there are a lot of opportunities business owners can leverage. However, busy teams rarely have the time to create a detailed semantic core, assess the performance of every page, and implement a long-term optimization strategy.  

The Chanto team has a deep technical understanding of ranking algorithms. We closely collaborate with developers  combining in-depth technical tweaks with content and performance optimizatin. 

On-Site SEO

We build pages that Google search crawlers are happy to see

Off-Site SEO

There are a lot of ways to boost rankings from outside of the websites. Here are our favorite tactics:

Optimize Your Website to Drive Traffic and Leads

Here's How We Do SEO the Right Way

Assessment and threat detection

We run an in-depth assessment session to determine which tweaks can quickly bring more traffic to the website.

Strategy and planning

We build a detailed SEO strategy with a timeline and set benchmarks to give business owners the full view of future activities.

Implementation and montiroing

After implementing the main components of the SEO strategy, we monitor website ranking in real time using Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and other tools.

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