use Pay-Per-Click Ads for a Competitive Edge

Run flexible and Transparent Campaigns

Make the Most Out of Your Advertising Budget

Spread awareness

PPC ads immediately give startups and SMEs a competitive edge over established competitors. By ranking higher than other product and service teams, you will bring direct traffic to the website. 

Google AdWords has a robust toolset that allows targeting specific keywords, A/B testing content, and choosing between a range of formats and placements. 

Keep Budgets Under Control

Unpredictability is the main reason that keeps business owners from launching a PPC campaign. 

We take full responsibility for PPC activities by running a thorough infrastructure assessment to make sure the project is campaign-ready. Along comes around-the-clock monitoring of all launched ads to make sure each cent of the ad budget is tracked and accounted for. 

Ready, Steady, Go!

Full-Cycle PPC Management

Marketers at Chanto carefully optimize the campaign to make sure you make the most out of PPC ads. We find relevant keywords, design ads, manage bots and create custom reports that give business owners real-time status updates. 

Setting up the account
Campaign monitoring and reporting
Writing engaging ads
Keyword research

Stay in the Loop

You are Included in All decisions

At Chanto, we believe that business owners should be a part of all conversations that involve choosing best ad formats, testing ads, and collecting relevant keywords. 

Transparency is the key value of our marketing team.  Chanto marketers thoroughly plan, monitor, and document PPC activities. After wrapping up the campaign, we discuss conversions and check how expectations aligned with reality. At the end of each campaign, the team draws conclusions and gives actionable recommendations business owners can implement in the future. 

Just According to Plan!

Hit Conversion Objectives With Confidence

At Chanto, we are always in tune with best practices and approaches to PPC advertising. Our ever-learning team leverages the practices of top-tier marketing agencies to fuel the growth of tech teams. 

We use an analytical and research-driven approach to collecting keywords and optimizing ads. Every decision Chanto marketers make is backed by successful real-world scenarios. 

Thorough Campaign Preparation

We put a lot of emphasis on research and website otpimization before launching a PPC campaign. 

Different means for Different Goals

Tech teams have various reasons for starting a PPC campaign. To achieve your goals successfully, or team chooses just the right type of ads. 

Long story Short

3-step PPC strategy

Setting goals and Aligning Expectations

At this stage, our marketers define the target audience, the objectives of the campaigns, and set actionable metrics for tracking progress.

Research and preparation

After setting the goals of the campaign, Chanto teams researches the market and gathers best practices. We implement these data-driven ideas in keyword research, writing the copy, and optimizing the campaign.

Launch and monitoring

After the PPC launch, we observe how much incoming traffic ads generate, follow visitors on their on-site journeys, and track conversion. This data helps the team optimize running campaigns to make sure we connect tech teams with deeply interested users.

Be Confident in Your PPC campaigns

Let's Harness the Power of AdWords to Promote your tech team