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Link Building is Powerful when Organic

A lot of marketers use link building as a cautionary tales. In fact, it’s common for businesses to pour budgets in low-quality backlinks only to en up blacklisted by Google. 

Search engine algorithms have become picky about what a “good link” is. There are a lot of selection criteria Chanto marketers use to select high-authority links – domain rating, amount of incoming traffic and its value, the number of referring domains and more. This way we make sure that every backlink your tech team gets will fuel growth, not penalization. 

Steady Pace, High Quality

Chasing high-quality link donors can take months. Naturally, tech team leaders get frustrated when they don’t see the pay-off of their outreach efforts. 

To keep link building at a steady pace, marketers at Chanto generate both high-quality crowd links on social media and top Medium publications and keep looking for high-quality “do-follow” backlinks by personally negotiating with editorial teams.  

Specific platforms for tech communities

Anatomy of Perfect Links

Chanto marketers believe that “perfect” backlinks generate both marketing and SEO value. In other words, they both boost your website’s stats and help it rank higher and drive target audience to the website, helping generate new leads. 

High-traffic websites
High domain rating
Relevant brand mentions
Do-follow links

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Link-Building Made a Science

We’ve seen marketing teams approach link building sporadically, without clear benchmarks and strategies. Our team focuses on the sustainability and scalability of link building. 

We have a set list of practices our marketers use for in-depth donor research and parsing. Other than that, over the years of experience, we accumulated a network of trusted donors and partners – these relationships help us build long-lasting partnerships for product teams and service providers. 

Designed just for your team

Personalized Approach to Link Building

Before we launch link building campaign we run a thorough market research to discover reliable backlink donors in different fields of tech. Attention to detail is crucial here – some referrers will delete backlinks after a while, letting teams down. 

To make sure the link buildings strategy leads tech teams uphill, we constantly monitor the number of incoming brand mentions. Other than that, we check whether some of the donors a company worked with did not get penalized over time – that helps keep tech teams from SEO filtering. 

Crowd Links the Human Way

Marketers often see crowd links as a fast but unreliable way to get mentions. Instead of leaving comments on platforms unrelated to your niche, our team carefully selects platforms that link back to your website. 

guest Posts on Top-Tier Websites

Chanto marketers believe that a personal connected with the editors of top-notch tech outlets (The Next Web, Hackernoon, TechCrunch) is a reliable way to get valuable backlinks. 

Building Backlink Networks For Tech Teams

Our take on B2B tech Link Building

Detailed research and Clear Benchmarks

Chanto marketers run a thorough market research and competitor analysis to eliminate guesswork and avoid trial-and-error.

Personalized approach to Link Building

We design custom email marketing campaigns that make each recipient feel appreciated and help us establish deep bonds with link donors.

Focus on Long-term Partnerships

At Chanto, we aim to scale link building and get the highest yield with the least research expenditure. That's why we focus on building partnerships that generate backlinks for years down the line.

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