Reach out to medical professionals, patients, stakeholders

engage audiences with increased Online Presence

Start a transparent conversation about your healthtech

Responsible communication

At Chanto, we believe that healthcare marketing must be responsible. We create data-based positioning, content, advertising campaigns. If your product spans multiple target audiences, our experts will cater to each segment individually. 

Our healthcare copywriters have experience of writing about healthcare innovations – applications that scan tumors, provide telecare, automate operations in hospitals, and others. Our priority is to keep facts straight while being as engaging as possible. 

Personalized strategy

Our team starts a project by building a long-term marketing strategy. We’ll outline your positioning, target audience, challenges, and risks. At the end of the discovery phase, you get a project estimate – with KPIs and budget guarantees. 

Your brand’s tome of voice will be based on the best practices of the industry – a company that respects its clients and strives towards making a positive change in healthcare. 

Our Healthcare promotion Mix

Explain and educate

Healthtech marketing is about building trust and eliminating doubts. Our copywriters will explain complicated technical and medical terms in simple words, clear to customers and experts alike. 

Content Marketing
Public Relations
Social Media Management

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Technology With a human face

Chanto promotes healthtech products – but we also build communities and create professional reputations. Our team will gather early adopters of your business and spread the word about its founders. 

The goal is making your healthtech business trustworthy. By introducing community and setting up direct communication, together we will educate your target audience and spread the word about the innovation. 

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Sharing and shaping ideas

You are building a healthtech solution because you believe in making a world a better place. So do we – which is why healthcare communication is entrusted only to senior experts. 

Education and communication come before hard sells. We also want to help users – with information, open idea exchange, and accessibility. With content marketing, SEO, and PR, it’s an achievable goal. 

Use content marketing

Provide your customers, partners, media with information about your innovation

Spread a word

Our team leverages non-paid marketing methods to create the buzz about your product. With cost-efficient practices, we save promotional budgets to help healthcare providers focus on innovation.

Where to start Healthtech marketing

Content marketing

Educate your users with reliable, in-depth, engaging resorces


Get journalists to write about your innovations in leading media


Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Intagram, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Quora to reach customers and partners

Bring your healthtech to users

Discuss the project with our team