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Communicating crypto

Blockchain startups explain complex technical concepts. As crypto goes mainstream, its target audience becomes more versatile than ever. 

Promoting blockchain products is tricky. You need to gain trust of early adopters. Often, there’s no market yet. Your company is a trailblazer, and your team is paving the way. This is why you need an up-to-speed marketing team, familiar with tech challenges of blockchain – people who can explain crypto without oversimplifying it. 


Work with Crypto Marketers

At Chanto, we established a crypto marketing team – digital marketing managers, copywriters, analysts who understand the specifics of the market. 

  • Work with DeFi experts who understand the challenges of promoting decentralized products and communities
  • Talk to experts who have first-hand experience in building DeFi, crypto currency and crypto trading ecosystems in the United States, Europe, Asia
  • Ensure that all materials are verified by blockchain experts
  • Comply with requirements of Google, Facebook, Twitter and governmental regulations regarding crypto communication

Tech Knowledge Meets practical Experience

A full crypto Marketing team

Recruiting experienced crypto marketing managers is a tough work. We did it for you and assembled the team of experienced blockchain marketing managers, copywriters, PPC and SMM experts. Each project is supervised by a tech consultant. 

Content marketing
Community management

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Data-driven strategy

Chanto creates marketing teams from the groud up. You will be working with a dedicated team of experts who will establish your positioning, target audience, competitors. Using data and analytics, we will pinpoint the most efficient promotion methods.

If you have an in-house team, we can work in tandem. Chanto marketing managers will sync with your CMOs and team leads and help you cover the weak spots of your in-house marketing processes. 

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Crypto Marketing is an entire field

Marketing blockchain projects requires new competences and knowledge. Teams need to deal with regulations, high level of distrust, asset volatility, and actively emerging competitions. 

Many startups don’t have many competitors or success stories to rely on. Our marketing team knows how to build data-driven strategies on the go and established KPIs to measure the results.

The drivers of crypto marketing

Main value – transperancy

Applying Crypto-driven Strategies

Target audience of crypto products are looking for honest, open, fact-based communication. 

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Content Marketing

Create whitepapers, blogs, help centers, tutorials, guest posts


Link building, keyword research, on-site optimization

Community management

Promotion on Reddit, Quora, forums, managing crypto communities

Establish your crypto marketing department

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