Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Market your smart technology to users, investors, and partners

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First-hand experience

At Chanto, marketers and copywriters specialize at writing about Artifical Intelligence. Our AI/ML campaigns reached 100 000+ users. Our AI content was recognized by leading AI experts and publications, and translated to 10+ languages.

We work with AI product companies, AI development service providers, experts, consultants. If AI is your expertise, we’ll help you spread the word. 

High technical expertise

Our copywriters wrote about multiple AI development tools, frameworks, practices. An experienced AI and ML developer will review each text – so we can get every single tech detail right. 

Our team cooperates with AI thought leaders and publications. By leveraging our network, we can make experts and enthusiasts talk about your AI product, development practices, unique expertise. 

The strategy behind AI marketing

An omni-channel approach

AI and ML products are present on B2B, B2C, vertical, horizontal markets. The target audience is versatile – it can be a mass product (meaning users have no idea about the intricacies of AI) – or it might be an audience of AI experts or enthusiasts. To reach them, we use a personalized approach.

AI/ML publications and mass media
Social media
Community Forums
Direct Communication

Tailor-Made AI Promotion

Clear but non oversimplified

We believe that AI can be simple. It doesn’t mean glossing over tech details – rather, picking simple terms instead of a niche jargon. Our writers will write explain-me-like-I’m-five materials to reach audiences with different levels of expertise. 

If possible, we’d like to collaborate withyour tech team and developers. Our writers will conduct interviews and present your team’s tech expertise in e-books, long-reads, lead-magnets. 

our focus is on

Explaining practical Benefits

Marketing campagins will focus on getting your brand’s benefits to the right audience. In a clear, personalized, data-driven way. 

get a full team

Our AI digital marketers will set up your promotion from scratch. 

Think Ahead

We prefer long-term growth strategies – SEO, community management, content marketing. Get results that last for years. 

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Content marketing

Long reads, e-books, guest posts, tutorials


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