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Why We Love Doing Things The Right Way

Why We Chose Tech

We started our marketing journey as content writers. Over the years, we worked in different verticals – B2C, marketing, and many more. Still, more than anything, we gravitated to covering technology.

We can name a hundred reasons to love tech. Insightful, passionate audiences, vibrant communities, and in-depth topics. What really makes a difference are insightful, growth-oriented business owners that steer tech companies to growth. 

Making Tech Marketing a Thing

Tech is growing at such a pace that, over time, it has become its own thing. Traditional promotion and advertising methods, focusing on B2C social media channels, and writing generic blog posts are not effective in the technology sector.

Tech communities are after value and authenticity. They use unique platforms like Stack Overflow or rejuvenate out-of-style tools like messaging boards (long live Reddit). It takes a marketer who loves technology as much as the community does. We are set to become such a team!

Team of techies

From writers to SMM specialists, our team is well-versed in CS and database management. Chanto marketers have a strong grasp of OOP and functional programming, understand the working principles of ML and IoT infrastructures.  

Full-cycle Marketing

Working in marketing, we’ve seen a lot of excellent blogs that do not generate leads and well-optimized campaigns that don’t convert. The problem is, even if one link in the chain of marketing activities is broken, the entire strategy risks falling apart. That’s why we prefer taking full responsibility – from planning to implementation. 

Data-Driven Approach

Promoting innovative products and skilled teams walks hand-in-hand with research and analysis. We use cutting-edge martech tools to support business owners with detailed forecasts and detailed market research.

Transparency is The Key

We love when business owners are a part of marketing conversations. That’s why we host regular update conference calls, give team leaders access to all internal data related to the project, and prepare custom reports every week to keep you in the loop.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Growth and Learning

When promoting tech products or services, there’s no time to sit still. There are tools and technologies, that take the industry by storm, like Blockchain and those that slowly lose relevance. 

Our team’s number-one value is ever-learning. We are regulars on the MIT and Khan Academy Youtube channels, avid readers of The Next Web, and Hackernoon, and passionate collectors of Reddit carma.

This is Not Quora But We Love Answering Questions

We're Glad You Asked

We build marketing for businesses developing tech products and providing IT services. Chanto marketers have successfully worked with both SMEs and enterprise companies in blockchain and crypto, AI/ML, outsourcing, anf othe industries. 

We have a free call with team leaders before helping them figure out which services they need. Then, our team does the calculations and emails you a custom cost breakdown. 

We use reliable storage and communication platforms for data storage and sharing. Our team relies on VPN networks to proect sensitive data from attacks. Chanto has no ownership over the project data – business owners are the only IP holders. 

Follow our social media accounts to see job opening updates. Even if we are not hiring, we’ll take a look at your case studies or writing samples – drop us a line on LinkedIn.

We use Google Analytics and Search Console to track SEO and link building campaigns. Our team also relies on Ahrefs and ESPs to monitor the success of email marketing. We set the metrics and the benchmarks before launching a campaign as a part of marketing strategy.  

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