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Choose Words That Matter

“Next-generation”, “easy to integrate”, “manageable” seem like powerful words - however, they don’t help innovative products and talented teams stand out. Tech jargon can be a pain - that’s why we don’t throw it in right and left. It’s not easy to find a b2b tech copywriter who knows how to explain why you have a product worth using or a team made to be hired.


Data-driven technical marketing for savvy companies

Chanto provides SME business owners and startup managers in tech a transparent and data-driven way to connect with their audience. 

We Solve Real Problems

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Social Media​​

Build engaged communities around your brand and connect with target audiences


Optimize your website to dominate search engines


Start a winning AdWords campaign to bring in targeted users


Set the endpoint for your business and outline the steps to get there

Link building

Become an opinion leader by publishing in-depth posts in top media

Content Marketing​

Write stories that entertain, educate, and generate leads

3 Pillars of For IT Marketing Strategy at Chanto

Show your product or service in the best light

Chanto helps all-scale service providers and product companies generate leads and acquire users. Here’s how we spread the word. 

Product makers

IT Service Providers

Acquire DAUs and attract investors Showcase expertise and hire clients
Creating UX copy for a smooth user experience
Creating a sales funnel for prospective clients

Building a launch strategy and generating buzz around the product

Creating marketing materials for onboarding -
Creating marketing materials for onboarding - eBooks, emails, demo videos
Writing and sharing content
A detailed marketing strategy for launching new features
Competitor analysis and market research
Building communities on social media
Running conversion-generating PPC
Creating and executing a link-building strategy
Tracking efficiency via Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Search Console

We Solve Real Problems



We help startups and businesses transforming healthcare overcome client and user objections and introduce patients, physicians, and wellness enthusiasts to smarter treatment and self-care tools.

Blockchain and crypto

We run legally compliant ad campaigns, fosters relationships with opinion leaders, and builds product-related communities to explain the complexities of blockchain products and drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies.


Seeing through the buzzwords of “AI” and “machine learning”, we communicate how innovative technologies benefit end-users.

Product marketing

Our team promotes productivity tools like task management software, time trackers, and workflow automation solutions by publishing listings in top catalogs, curating product-related content and running ad campaigns on Google AdWords and social media.


We promote designer agencies, product-makers, independent creators, and marketplace developers by leveraging the power of niche communities, publishing conversion-driving content on platforms like Dribble, and running newsletter campaigns.

Software development

By writing value-driven content, building personal brands, and creating client onboarding materials, we help software development and outsourcing teams win the hearts of their audiences.

Digital Marketing for Startups

  • Acquire DAUs for your product at a fast pace.
  • Design investor pitch decks that attract reliable VC firms.
  • Turn your idea into an influencer startup people talk about.
  • Focus on growth and scalability.

SMEs: discover growth opportunities and retain first-time leads

  • Grow brand awareness go all-in on IT lead generation using SEO and social media.
  • Stand out among large-scale competitors with a unique selling point and appealing positioning.
  • Attract new audiences and expand your offer with data-driven research.
  • Monitor the performance of marketing strategies with clearly defined KPIs.

Enterprise: dominate your vertical

  • Improve sales pipelines with around-the-clock marketing assistance.
  • Conquer global markets and reach new audiences.
  • Become trendsetters in the industry and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Product Companies

  • Promote your technology by establishing an active user community
  • Organize a PR process and get high-quality media mentions
  • Guide users by preparing a help center and a knowledge base

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Collaborate with

We cater a personalized set of benefits and approaches to each client

Rise to the top

Introduction and discovery

  • After a thorough assessment, our team analyzes which marketing strategies were the most productive for the business and which tactics were wasting the team leader’s time and effort.
  • We break marketing strategies for technology companies into actionable tasks and assign time estimates to each. At this stage, Chanto marketers define a list of KPIs and metrics to measure the effectiveness of implemented tactics.

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Take Action

Execute: step-by-step implementation of the marketing strategy.

Track and report: our team uses SEO and marketing tech tools coupled with data analysis techniques to break down the aftermath of marketing efforts. We create custom weekly reports for each client and schedule 1-on-1 status update sessions with team leaders to answer questions and hear their ideas.

try, try again

Think Long-term

Firstly, the team examines the results of the first campaigns. Then, we act by eliminating redundant tactics and maximizing the impact of effective processes. At this stage, our marketers will identify the most fit communication channel for the company and work to leverage its full impact

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